Wolverines get some boost

Michigan's victory over Michigan State on Saturday might have been a narrow one, but try telling that to the visiting recruits who saw the action from the 50-yard line. The last-minute field goal and fans rushing the field created an atmosphere the prospects in attendance won't likely forget for a long time.

The previous four matchups with Michigan State have been a disappointment for Michigan, but the 12-10 victory could be the start of a new era for the Wolverines. Michigan faithful will chalk up the recent losses to former head coach Rich Rodriguez and point out that Brady Hoke is bringing Michigan back to dominance. That sentiment might also be carrying over to the recruiting trail.

"I definitely believe it gives Michigan the upper hand. I believe it shows that Coach Hoke is going to bring the program back, not just to dominance in the state, but the country," 2014 commit Denzel Ward (Chicago/Hales Franciscan) said. "Most people label this time as the post-Rodriguez era, but Coach Hoke showed it's nothing but the Hoke era."