Special teams doing fine in coverage

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- Last season, the Michigan football team made four field goals in 13 games -- dead last in the nation.

Whenever field goal kickers Brendan Gibbons or Seth Broekhuizen took the field, there was a general consensus the Wolverines instead should be going for it on fourth down, no matter what the situation.

Fourth-and-15 at the 25-yard line? Sure, keep the offense out there. There's a better chance that Denard runs for a touchdown than Michigan makes a 42-yard field goal.

To make matters worse heading into this season, Michigan's top punter, sophomore Will Hagerup, received a four-game suspension. And then the Wolverines' best kick returner, Darryl Stonum, was redshirted this season after he received a drunk driving charge.