Ready for the next step

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- During his time in Ann Arbor, Mike Martin had several noteworthy accomplishments. But with less than a week to go before the NFL draft, and less than a week to go before he moved away from his college campus, Martin found himself doing the little things in Ann Arbor he never had the time to do as a student-athlete.

He made his way north of campus and walked through the Arboretum, spent a day sitting in the Diag (the center of Michigan's campus), went to the Ann Arbor Comedy Showcase and visited the restaurants and bars largely neglected by the majority of the student body.

"I've never really had time to do that, because I'm running to classes and running to practice," Martin said. "It's the stuff that you don't think about but it's like, 'Dang, I've never actually done that. How did I never do that?' "