2014 TE fits ideal mold

CHICAGO -- If there were some kind of recipe for putting together the complete tight end, its end result might just be 2014 target Nic Weishar (Chicago/Marist).

Take his history as an offensive lineman (blocking), add his career as a basketball player (hands), his outstanding work in the classroom and film room (mentality), and his size (6-foot-5, 215 pounds) and the outcome is a specimen who has gained interest from top programs across the country.

"I think at his position and for his skills, what he brings to the table -- that's something that schools and teams need," Marist coach Pat Dunne said. "It's a position that you're seeing more and more, even in the NFL and colleges, using that type of tight end -- a guy that can split out or a guy that can have his hand on the ground and block well. It's hard to find those guys."