'Pop Pass' pays off again

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- It was part of the package that helped Florida win national championships and Tim Tebow win a Heisman, and it has been handed down to Ohio State and Braxton Miller as his own campaign for hardware starts to blossom.

But long before Urban Meyer found so much success on the goal line with the "Pop Pass," thanks to his dual-threat quarterbacks, the Buckeyes coach was experimenting and tinkering in 2003 on a practice field in Utah with a tight end lined up at quarterback in the shotgun. And the questionable results there nearly killed the almost automatic touchdown producer before it ever saw live action.

"We played with a kid named Ben Moa," Meyer said. "Alex Smith was our quarterback and he wasn't a great runner, so we put this tight end at quarterback and just kept pounding people. One day in practice, I just said, 'Hey, try this.'