More than football for Johnathan Gray

The intensity of the burrito line at Aledo (Texas) High School isn't quite to Black Friday shopping levels, but it is close.

With overwhelming, almost crazy crowds, it can be tempting to try to skip to the front of the line.

The idea was posed to Bearcats running back Johnathan Gray by a classmate as Gray, who has already reached legendary status as one of Texas' all-time great high school running backs, waited in the back.

"There was a guy standing next to me that yelled , 'Why don't you just cut to the front of the line? You are Johnathan Gray,' " fellow classmate Leah Hannah Vann said.

"He just shrugged his shoulders, shook his head and didn't cut. I found that really cool because there are other players that would cut and push in front of you to get to the front. Yet, the superstar is the one that is not cutting."