UT board could include surprises

AUSTIN, Texas -- Texas recruiting in 2012 played out a lot like usual. Nearly every commit was in the bag by the end of the summer. Not much has changed since then.

But now comes the furious flurry, the final push. We're less than four weeks away from national signing day for the Class of 2013. Texas has 13 commits but several more names left on its board.

This class will be a relatively small one -- Longhorns coach Mack Brown has acknowledged that publicly -- but has a chance to grow in the next month.

Texas has yet to lose any players to transfer, so it's hard to gauge what factor attrition could play. But the Longhorns entered fall camp with only 10 scholarship seniors, so room remains fairly limited. There aren't many vacancies left in the class, but there also aren't many needs.

That being said, expect some surprises this month. Texas showed a flair for the dramatic in finishing last year's class. Its class this year hasn't landed a new commit since Chevoski Collins joined in October, but that could change soon. Here's who you need to keep an eye on.