OU-Texas roundtable

The 2011 Red River Rivalry game turned into an OU rout. What will happen in 2012? Icon SMI

As part of our summer look at the Red River Rivalry, HornsNation's Sean Adams and Carter Strickland joined SoonerNation's Brandon Chatmon and Jake Trotter to discuss some big topics and look ahead to the 2012 edition.

One reason Texas will win

Sean Adams: Fundamental football is how Texas wins. Run the ball and play solid defense. For as many opinions that will be offered about the quarterback position at Texas, playing fundamental football will be the way that Texas wins this game. David Ash cannot win this game by himself in a way that Vince Young and Colt McCoy did. Using the three-headed monster of Malcolm Brown, Joe Bergeron and Johnathan Gray with a retooled offensive line will take the stress off the quarterback position. The Texas defense should start the year as good as their nationally ranked defense from 2011 and should only get better.