More questions for young Longhorns

AUSTIN, Texas -- Texas has this rule that the players can only dwell on a loss or a victory for 24 hours.

The Longhorns might want to speed that up, because they are about to encounter another team that plays as though it were on a 24-second clock. This week No. 6 Oklahoma State brings its basketball-on-grass offense to Texas. And if the Longhorns don't want to end up a grass stain they better figure out how to get past the embarrassing loss to Oklahoma and get ready for the Cowboys.

"You just go back and fix your defense," defensive coordinator Manny Diaz said. "When we win we fix it and when we lose we fix it."

Things don't get any easier to repair this week, especially when it comes to cornerback on wide receiver matchups. No matter what defense was used, Texas could not slow down Landry Jones, Ryan Broyles and Co. The Sooners passed for 367 yards and three scores.