Projecting 2012 offensive depth chart

AUSTIN, Texas -- Texas will return nine starters on offense from the 2011 team. Some out there surely are hoping it will be only eight. That's the way it has been at quarterback for Texas for two years. Nobody has stepped up. This year Case McCoy and David Ash each had their chances.

McCoy looked like he secured the job. Then he went to Baylor. Now Texas heads into another offseason with questions hovering over the position.

Here is a look at what could happen at quarterback and the rest of the offensive depth chart before the start of the 2012 season:


In the fold: Texas' coaches insist the team has a quarterback it can win with on the current roster. Past evidence strongly suggests otherwise. Either way, Case McCoy and David Ash will be given a chance to step up in the spring. For Ash that means taking care of the ball. For McCoy that means gaining better throwing mechanics. For Texas that means it might be another long year.