Prospect finds solace at home

There are times on the football field when it appears four-star athlete Kevon Seymour (Pasadena, Calif./John Muir) stops running and starts gliding. His motions become effortless as he hauls in a pass and weaves past defenders, or corrals a punt and races up the sideline -- a smoothness to his game that is hardly reflected in his past off it.

His biological father left the family without ever establishing a relationship with Seymour or his twin brother, Keon. The two have seen him once, when their mother, Veronica Startling, ushered them outside to meet him when the boys were 7. Without a hug or what Seymour termed "anything special," hellos were exchanged and the twins returned inside. Since then, Seymour has spoken to his father once, when he phoned him during his freshman year at John Muir High School. His father, who doesn't share Seymour's last name, said he was at work and would call him back. The return call never came.

But Seymour's story isn't one of loss. Mostly because he refuses to let it become one.