A different process 10 years later

LOS ANGELES -- During my days as a high school recruit, I remember my mom, as I'm sitting down eating my breakfast, coming in and putting my letter of intent next to my orange juice in front of me. I remember staring at it as I was finishing eating and a sigh of relief came over me.

After a solid year of phone calls from coaches, hundreds of letters, and a handful of official and unofficial visits, it was finally coming to an end. In my mind, I had no doubt that USC was where I was going. However, there will be a handful of players across the country that might not be feeling the same way.

During the recruiting process, coaches and parents stress the point that this decision will affect the rest of your life. It's very difficult for a 17-year old to grasp that. Whenever I was told this, I routinely nodded my head and thought I understood, but again it's difficult for most kids to comprehend at that point in their lives. I mean most of these kids can't think past Saturday night.