Syracuse's return evokes flashbacks

The last time I saw the Syracuse Orange visit the Coliseum was in 1967, when they were known as the Syracuse Orangemen. In those days, SU was going through an assembly line of running backs that rivaled even John McKay's conveyor belt of tailbacks.

It was my senior year at old Alhambra High School. Syracuse was playing UCLA, and I was there at the Coliseum with my father and classmate Tim Caropino, who was being recruited by the Bruins as a fullback.

Tim, who at 6-foot and 205 pounds was considered an average fullback prospect in those days, was invited by the Bruins' coaching staff to visit the UCLA locker room after the Syracuse game. The contest itself was not very competitive; The Beast of the East crushed the Sons of Westwood, 32-14. The Orangemen were coached by future Hall of Famer Ben Schwartzwalder, a man who loved his running backs as much as McKay did.