Scoring points only company line

LOS ANGELES -- Welcome, everybody, to the quarterly meeting of Outscore Inc.

We would like to introduce our CEO. He's the serious-looking gentleman in the white visor staring down, as always, at his play chart. Next to him, the good-looking blond kid with the poster-boy smile and powerful arm, is our president. And then, of course, the cool, fashionably dressed young man with the remarkable moves next to him is our vice president in charge of excitement. We wanted to introduce our senior VP of defense, too, but it seems he has a bit of extra work to do these days.

Anyway, our goal here at Outscore, in case you haven't realized it, is to score points and gain yards. Lots of points and gobs of yards. We feel secure that, like the other afternoon at the Coliseum, this will lead us to victory. Are there any questions? Ah, yes, you there, the gray-haired gentleman in the cardinal sweater and gold pants.