Memories from a USC-ND classic

USC-Notre Dame is one of the oldest and most celebrated rivalries in college football. When I was a player, there were two games that were highlighted on our calendars -- UCLA and Notre Dame. Unlike the UCLA game, where the rivalry is viewed as a hateful street fight, the Notre Dame game had a sense of honor and prestige that had been created and passed down over the years. Most teams and players understand that they're writing their own chapter in the history of one of the greatest rivalries in college football.

Thinking back on my times playing in South Bend, the one game that keeps coming up was the 2005 game, or what some refer to as the infamous "Bush Push." It has been six years since that game, and many fans feel it was one of the greatest games not only in the history of the rivalry, but in the history of college football. So here are some of the memories that come to mind from that day.

Wardrobe change
During pregame warm-ups, Notre Dame came out on the field in their usual blue home jerseys. It was no big deal and we didn't think anything of it. After warm-ups, each team went back to their locker rooms like we always do and came back out after roughly 10 or 15 minutes. We took the field first, with Notre Dame following, but as the Fighting Irish came out they weren't wearing the same blue uniforms. Instead they ran onto the field wearing their Irish green jerseys.