USC clicked on all cylinders against ND

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- At first glance, USC's 31-17 win at Notre Dame on Saturday looked pretty impressive. After a second glance, the first impression held up, as USC played its best game of the season. The Trojans are picking a good time to click, as they host undefeated No. 4 Stanford this weekend. Here's a second look at USC's mastery of the Fighting Irish.

• With four straight running plays to start the game and a total of eight on the first drive, followed by a second drive consisting of two big plays through the air, the Trojans offense had Notre Dame confused as to what USC was going to do next. For the rest of the game, it seemed the Trojans had their pick in play calling.

• The Trojans offensive line played its best game from one to five. Center Khaled Holmes did a good job orchestrating the line's calls and communicating them down the line as the Notre Dame defensive linemen shifted and moved throughout the night, trying to throw the Trojans off their assignments.