Overcoming the heartbreak

LOS ANGELES -- Now that the dust has settled, the film has been watched and the corrections have been made, USC has to brush itself off quickly and get ready to play at Colorado on Friday.

Preparing for and playing arguably one of the biggest games of the season, and then turning around to prepare to play again on a short week would seem to be challenging for any team. But rather than a disadvantage, the short week could prove to be an advantage for the Trojans as they travel to play the Buffaloes.

While the Trojans are trying to move on from last week's loss to No. 4 Stanford in triple-overtime, others on the outside won't let them forget about it. From the media, family, friends and classmates, the game is still on everyone's mind. The short week, however, forces the players and to a lesser extent, the media, to forget about the game and focus on the upcoming opponent.