A walk down memory lane

LOS ANGELES -- When the USC Trojans host the UCLA Bruins in the 81st meeting of this larger-than-life crosstown rivalry on Saturday evening in the Coliseum, whether or not you attended either school is irrelevant. You'll probably be rooting for one or the other.

The annual battle between these two Los Angeles schools often is referred to as the greatest day in Southern California sports, and it's almost impossible not to be swept up at some level in the wave of emotions and indelible memories.

In the case of my family, we are a house divided. Members on both sides attended USC or UCLA, and those that didn't sided either with the allegiances of grandpa or grandma, mom or dad, brother or sister, or just plain cousins. There are no neutral feelings and no neutral memories. Heck, my own son seemed ticketed for USC but ended up at UCLA and is playing in the Bruins' marching band.