USC lengthens the gap

LOS ANGELES -- The foundation for USC's 50-0 blistering of UCLA on Saturday night in the Coliseum was psychologically determined prior to kickoff, when a premeditated chain of events merged with fortuitous fate to seal the deal.

When Bruins' head coach Rick Neuheisel called out the Trojans early in the week by declaring his Blue and Gold program had "closed the gap more" between his Sons of Westwood and the Men of Troy, it dislodged any notion that the Trojans might be caught with an emotional hangover after their huge upset at Oregon the previous week.

If that weren't enough, UCLA athletic director Dan Guerrero let the cat out of the bag on Tuesday by announcing his team would be wearing all-white uniforms and helmets on Saturday evening, thus tossing aside the restored tradition of each team wearing its colorful home uniforms for the rivalry game.