McNeal TD run thing of beauty

LOS ANGELES -- On the Trojans' second touchdown of the game, the summary of the play on the printed-out play-by-play sheet read "McNeal, Curtis rush for 73-yards to the UCLA 0, 1st Down USC, Touchdown, clock 05:16."

However, there was a lot more to this play than what is on the stat sheet. Let's take a look back at the play that helped McNeal reach the 1,000-yard rushing mark for this season.

Two plays before, the Trojans had dialed up essentially the same play but with a couple different personnel changes. The man in motion was Brice Butler and the running back was Marc Tyler. The play went pretty much to plan, as the front side was sealed, the corner was blocked and the safety was forced to make the tackle. On most run plays, if the safety is the one making the tackle at the third level, the play was a success. On that play, Tyler rushed for 10 yards, giving the Trojans their third first down of the drive.