Bring New Year's Day back

LOS ANGELES -- When the USC Trojans get set for the 2014 season, the Matt Barkley era will be ancient history, the NCAA scholarship-reduction sanctions will be in their final stages, and the BCS national title formula figures to be boldly revised.

Although recruiting remains very good and Lane Kiffin appears to have a master plan to avoid major roster damage in the short term, nobody really knows what the Trojans will look like in two years. It's likely that if the Men of Troy continue to be part of the national championship picture, they will be subjected to a new road to the biggest BCS prize.

BCS change is in the air, and it looks and smells like the major movers and shakers are finally all on board for some form of playoff. But will the changes enhance the process, along with a scheduling window of opportunity for a national champion, or will it simply raise more questions than ever before?