The perfect label

LOS ANGELES -- Nicknames are such a large part of college football lore. The Galloping Ghost, The Four Horsemen, Crazylegs, Old Number 98, The Kansas Comet, The Bear, The Throwin' Samoan, and Prime Time.

Recognize Red Grange, the foursome of Stuhldreher, Miller, Crowley and Layden, Elroy Hirsch, Tom Harmon, Gale Sayers, coach Paul Bryant, Jack Thompson, and Deion Sanders?

Well, when it comes to historical collegiate nicknames, the USC Trojans are right up there with the best of them. Trojans aficionados are schooled early about coach Howard Jones's powerful 1932 national champions, the "Thundering Herd." Jones succeeded Elmer "Gloomy Gus" Henderson, an outstanding coach who got his nickname for always "poor-mouthing" the Trojans' prospects for the next opponent.