The forgotten man

LOS ANGELES -- They were excited about him then. They have forgotten about him now.

How strange it seems when one thinks back to just a year ago when George Farmer was all the rage. He was more than just a good high school player. He was the Mike Trout of high school football players. He had it all -- size, speed, productivity. He even had the genes. His dad, George Sr., was an NFL wide receiver with the Los Angeles Rams and Miami Dolphins.

This is how good Farmer was: At Serra High, the golden training ground for prep wideouts, both Robert Woods and Marqise Lee were rated BEHIND him. That's right, USC's two current All-World receivers were both considered lesser prospects than Farmer. Fast? This is how fast he was: Even at 6-1 and 205 pounds, he beat Oregon's bullet-like De'Anthony Thomas in the 100-meter dash in high school.