The Reggie rules

Electrifying runs like this one against UCLA made Reggie Bush a hero to many young football fans, some of whom have grown into top propsects committed the Trojans. Joe Robbins/US Presswire

LOS ANGELES -- Around this time seven years ago, Reggie Bush imitations were a common sight on local elementary school playgrounds. Friendly games of two-hand touch were coated with Bush's signature flair. After touchdowns, many Heisman Trophy poses were struck.

USC football was the talk of this town back then. The program had immense appeal and, considering current high school seniors were fifth-graders in 2005, it's not at all surprising that the Trojans now hold the top-ranked recruiting class in the country. Kids are typically easily persuaded and like to root for winners. That's why, despite the NCAA-mandated scholarship limitations, USC is still USC in the recruiting world.

In a rather interesting sense, Bush's alleged off-field actions taketh away, yet Bush's on-field achievements giveth back.