Changing the culture

It's the culture of USC football that could have as much impact on coach Lane Kiffin's future as next season's record. Just look around the country and see how many athletic directors refer to the phrase "changing the culture" when making a coaching transition.

Coming off a disastrous 7-6 season and a roller-coaster 2013 recruiting cycle, it's not a reach to say that the culture of USC football is as low as it's been since the renowned Paul Hackett era. Under Kiffin, the current state of Trojans football is not just about winning and losing, but the overall enthusiasm, momentum and direction of the program.

Kiffin is no dummy, and he knows the culture of USC football needs to be dramatically changed if he intends to survive the 2013 season. So it was not surprising that just hours after Wednesday's national signing day, the Trojans' coach, in concert with the athletic department, began an earnest attempt to change the culture and perception of the USC football program.