Kiffin outcome brings relief

Time for another installment of observations where we tell you what's happening and hopefully ferret out what's behind the scenes and/or read between the lines. We call it Obvious/Not So Obvious. If you're new here, welcome. If not, welcome back.

The Obvious: Calling the violations secondary, the NCAA will not sanction Trojans coach Lane Kiffin for recruiting violations that occurred when Kiffin was the head coach at Tennessee.
The Not So Obvious: Given the recent NCAA rulings towards the Trojan football program, this is as good an outcome as possible. Surprised? Well, we wouldn't have put down a bet previous to Wednesday's ruling. You can bet your Tommy Trojan doll that Athletic Director Pat Haden is breathing the proverbial huge sigh of relief. If there were Kiffin doomsday contingency plans, they now can be fed to the Cardinal and Gold shredder.

The Obvious: With the Lane Kiffin verdict in, it would appear Kiffin, his staff and the Trojan players can go about the business of playing college football.
The Not So Obvious: A bigger impact on the NCAA's Kiffin decision may fall into the area of recruiting. Don't think for a moment that there are current Trojan verbals, leans and check-it-out blue chippers that were watching out the corner of their eye for the Kiffin outcome with the NCAA. Recruiting is an extremely fickle character, and it appears the best case Kiffin scenario already has signed its early Letter of Intent.