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Commentator: Alan Gardner

12.05pm: The Bears have their paws on the Bob (eventually, as Will Rhodes walked straight on past the plinth) and it's just left to say - that's all folks! Another summer done and dusted, time to batten down the hatches for a few months (or switch over to the other channels). Thanks for your contributions, as always. From Miller, Matt, Valkerie, Paul, George and myself, as well as Hoppsy, Paul and several others, it's been a bundle of fun. Of course, there's a T20 World Cup hoving into view, so we'll be seeing many of you again soon. Cheerio!

11.55am: Doesn't look like we're getting the presentations any time soon Ah, here we go, let's do this, then. Dane Vilas, Lancashire's captain: "Bit tired, the last five weeks have been tough, but really enjoyable, trying to win a Championship. Bit disappointing, the boys are upset at me for losing the toss. They bowled well and put us under massive pressure, hard to come back from 12 for 6. [Motivation after losing out on Championship] We had the rollercoaster but were keen to come here and win the Bob. I was disappointed but Warwickshire outplayed us. We wanted to get to Division One and a Lord's final, we ticked a few boxes. It's been a good season, but we've got things to improve on with a young squad."

Warwickshire captain Will Rhodes: "Been a rollercoaster few weeks, losing to Hampshire and then winning three games in a row to win the two trophies, really proud of the guys. Coming to Lord's is motivation enough, with the trophy on the line and Bob's connection to Warwickshire, we wanted to bring it back. [Hundred] Nice to come into a bit of form, but the other guys set it up, allowing us to kick on and get a big total. [Rob Yates] Terrific player, outstanding at the top of the order, looks a real prospect and an academy graduate as well, which is what we want. You always believe you can win but achieving it is something else. We won a couple early against Notts and Essex and got on a roll."

11.41am: Just over an hour needed to wrap this up on the fourth morning, the Bears have done the business in St John's Wood. Warwickshire flexed their Champion County muscles here - having whistled out Lancashire for 78 on the first morning, then racked up a 500-plus score, only a patchy weather forecast could leave the result in any doubt. A fine first season in charge for Mark Robinson is capped with double silverware - and they might get to keep the BWT, if this is the last time it is played

Norwell to Bailey, OUT, swipes at a pull, the top edge goes high... superbly taken by Burgess running towards fine leg! A run and a leap to take it in both hands, and that is that for the English summer! Warwickshire win by an innings and 199 runs to become the second holders of the Bob Willis Trophy

TE Bailey c †Burgess b Norwell 24 (39m 23b 4x4 0x6) SR: 104.34

Norwell to Bailey, FOUR, short and whipped away off the back foot, Bailey continuing to play nicely, swings four more - and that takes Lancs past their heaviest innings defeat against another county

Norwell again, can he finish this?

68 | 1 Run | LANCS: 237/9

  • Matt Parkinson0 (5b)
  • Tom Bailey20 (21b)
  • Danny Briggs19-1-58-3
  • Liam Norwell14-2-56-2
Briggs to Parkinson, no run, floated up teasingly wide of the stumps, Parkinson has a dip at this one and is beaten
Briggs to Parkinson, no run, gives it some air, drifting in straighter, defended on leg stump
Briggs to Parkinson, no run, tossed up wide, lets this one go through
Briggs to Parkinson, no run, flighted, outside off and tapped away coming across

Lancashire 3rd innings Partnerships

1st23AL DaviesGP Balderson
2nd71LWP WellsGP Balderson
3rd26JJ BohannonGP Balderson
4th23DJ VilasGP Balderson
5th15SJ CroftDJ Vilas
6th0DJ VilasRP Jones
7th37L WoodRP Jones
8th17TE BaileyRP Jones
9th21TE BaileyJM Blatherwick
10th8TE BaileyMW Parkinson