September, 8, 2005
Come December, when the Pro Bowl rosters are announced, everyone will be complaining about all the "snubs." You know, how last year Big Ben and Corey Dillon were passed over. But, you can cross these guys off your list. I'm preempting all the snubs. Here are a few guys who will make the Pro Bowl for the first time this season. (I'm interested in your opinions, too, so feel free to add on guys and I'll print the results. Remember, these are first-time Pro Bowlers).

Jake Delhomme, QB, Panthers: Probably should have made it last year after throwing for 3,886 yards and 29TDs, but snubs happen. It won't happen again this year.

Drew Bennett, WR, Titans: Dude had 80 catches for the season and nine TDs in the last four games. Norm Chow's offense won't work in the NFL without Bennett having a huge year, and if he has a huge year, he'll be in Hawaii.