Days of uncertainty for Peja 

January, 23, 2006
Once upon a time, at a medieval castle in Belgrade, my cell phone rang and Peja Stojakovic was on the other end, saying he wanted to be traded.

It was the summer of 2004, a couple weeks before the start of the Athens Olympics, and the downfall of the Sacramento Kings had not yet begun. Stojakovic was direct and to the point, saying he thought it was time for both him and the team to move on, and I filed a story to my desk in New York that immediately lit up the airwaves in Northern California.

I reminded Stojakovic of that moment Sunday night after his team gave another dreadful fourth-quarter performance and lost in Florida for the second time in as many nights, 119-99 to the Miami Heat, and I gave him another opportunity to express his wishes as he works through the final few months of his contract before becoming a free agent in the offseason.