Key point about dunk judging 

February, 20, 2006
Heading into All-Star weekend, I heard a lot of talk about how to put the sizzle back into the Slam Dunk Contest. And I'll admit much of the talk was justified.

The dunk contest certainly is not what it used to be, but this year's event showed that its decline has little to do with the quality of the jams. Even the biggest skeptic has to give it to this year's four young contestants -- Nate Robinson, Andre Iguodala, Josh Smith and Hakim Warrick.

Those cats did some phenomenal stuff, even by the high standards the contest's history has set. Conventional wisdom was that we had seen just about every possible way to dunk a basketball. But Robinson, Iguodala and (to a lesser degree) Smith, all showed that creativity has no limits.