WBC drug testing potential trouble  

February, 21, 2006
In 2003, as the United States was losing to Mexico during the play-in game to the 2004 Olympics, two players failed World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) tests and were disqualified from the tournament.

However, because they tested positive outside of Major League Baseball's guidelines and program, they were not subject to any penalty. Both played in the major leagues in 2005. One even homered on Opening Day.

For all the good the World Baseball Classic can and likely will do for the sport, the fact that players are being tested by WADA standards puts a potential dark cloud over the event. There are no unchaperoned tests, as is often the case with MLB tests. There will be no five-hour grace period between being informed you are being tested and the test, as Rafael Palmeiro had under MLB's policy. A number of players who are participating in the WBC will be tested between Jan. 17 and March 2, and two players during each game will be selected after the fifth inning to be tested after that game; those who test positive under the tougher Olympic rules will be disqualified.