Elite Eight features young squads 

March, 25, 2006
In some ways, this year's Elite Eight field is one of the most distinctive in the 64-team era. In addition to being the lowest scoring (75.7 points a game) and the toughest defensively (62.8 points allowed per game), this year's quarterfinalists are also the most reliant on starters for scoring (82.8 percent of their points) and comprised of the youngest starting units. If you assign one point for a freshman, two for a sophomore, three for a junior and four for a senior, this year's average starting lineup averages 2.62 -- nearly equivalent to starting three juniors and two sophomores. Only 2003's Elite Eight came close to this youthful a group of starters (2.70).

The 2006 Elite Eight is inexperienced in other ways as well. Its teams have made the third fewest consecutive trips to the tourney (3.6 years), and its coaches have made the fourth fewest Elite Eight appearances (10), not including the current year. The year with the greenest quarterfinal coaches was 2000, when the eight coaches tallied just eight Elite Eight appearances.