Will Poston's clients cash in? 

April, 6, 2006
In today's edition of, "As the Poston Clients Turn" -- a saga of three Pro Bowlers who are still looking for 1) big money and 2) a team as their agent visits U.S. District Court on Friday, no less -- we examine …

• Charles Woodson, a Poston guy. Woodson still hasn't found a team, but, as Carl Poston said in perfectly conflicting (and probably perfectly honest) statements to the Tampa Tribune, "Charles wants to win, that's the bottom line," but "it has to be the right fit at the right numbers."

That's why Woodson has narrowed his teams down to two: the Bucs (winning) against the Packers (right price). If it's the Bucs, we know where he'll be playing: Not at cornerback. He'll probably be moved to free safety. Given how some in the Raiders' organization thought Woodson loved tackling in the same way he'd love a plate of liver and broccoli, I doubt he'd fit well opposite Ronde Barber, the consummate Tampa Bay corner who does everything. But, as per Poston, the numbers have to be right. It'll be a miracle if he gets anywhere near the money he's made the past two years as the Raiders' head-scratching franchise player choice. Yes, $19.3 million for a guy who over the past two seasons has two interceptions and 19 total games played for the 27th- and 30th-ranked defenses, respectively.