Getting a reaction 

April, 6, 2006
SAN DIEGO -- A fan threw a syringe at Barry Bonds during Monday's season opener. Barry, however, insisted it was OK because he was told it only contained flaxseed oil.

Ha! That's just a little BALCO humor. Barry actually looked disgusted when the syringe landed near him when he trotted off the field in the eighth inning, though he later said it didn't bother him. "If that's what they want to do and embarrass themselves, it's on them,'' Bonds said. "I still have to play baseball.''

What is alarming here is not that a fan threw a large, needle-less syringe at Bonds but that a fan in San Diego would do so. If that's the kind of reaction he gets in a city this laid back, imagine what awaits him in Oakland or New York (fortunately for him, Boston isn't on the schedule).

Jim Caple | email

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