Barry's busy spring 

April, 6, 2006
SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Barry Bonds didn't play a lot of games in the Cactus League, but he had quite a spring anyway. He began by saying that this would be his final season, announced he is doing a reality series, demanded that reporters seeking one-on-one interviews sign a waiver, sued the authors of "Game of Shadows" (though not, it should be stressed, for libel) and missed the last couple games due to a strained left elbow.

And, oh yes, he dressed up as Paula Abdul.

Monday he joked with an Associated Press reporter that his life is in such shambles he should "go to the Empire State Building and jump off, commit suicide and people can say, 'Barry Bonds is finally dead.'" Well, it would solve some problems for commissioner Bud Selig.

Jim Caple | email

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