Plenty of security in L.A. 

April, 15, 2006
LOS ANGELES -- By the time Dodgers shortstop Rafael Furcal stepped into the batter's box in the bottom of the first inning Friday night, every other major-league game was over.

Why? More California rain caused a 1 hour, 57 minute delay.

Five security personnel were stationed along the left-field line and warning track when Barry Bonds took the field in the bottom of the first, and dozens others were stationed near the left-field foul pole and in the bleachers. Five additional security guards were also stationed along the right-field line.

ESPN's Pedro Gomez covered the Oakland A's home and away nearly every day from 1992-97 for the San Jose Mercury News and Sacramento Bee and then became the national baseball writer and later a general columnist at the Arizona Republic before becoming an ESPN bureau reporter in 2003.