Marlins building a contender 

April, 15, 2006
Jeffrey Loria is not selling the Florida Marlins and has no intention of putting them up for contraction. He won a World Series in 2003 and three years in a row put a team on the field that legitimately competed for the playoffs while doing business in JoePro Stadium.

When he had lost enough money waiting for a ballpark, he explained to fans what he was going to do: break up the 2003-05 team and start all over again, in a more reasoned manner than Wayne Huizenga, who cycloned the 1997 world champions less than a week after they beat the Indians. GM Larry Beinfest made one deal after another for pitching and young players, paring payroll down -- to $15 million while he tries to threaten enough moves to find some acceptable financing plan in South Florida.

Oh yes, and he's not giving Dontrelle Willis and Miguel Cabrera away. "I heard all this stuff this week, so I called them," said one GM Thursday. "I got an abrupt 'no.'" Beinfest, who recently signed a three-year extension, and assistant GM Mike Hill, who declined an opportunity to be interviewed for his hometown Cincinnati GM job, have not placed one outgoing call to discuss trading their two stars. "Why would they?" asked Mets GM Omar Minaya. "I'm telling you, they've got a lot of talent there. They are going to get good again in a hurry."