Bay Area loves Barry 

May, 2, 2006
SAN FRANCISCO -- The Giants played the seventh game of an eight-game homestand Monday night, and with each passing day it's become evident what San Franciscans feel toward Barry Bonds -- nothing but unconditional support.

This is nothing like the abuse Bonds hears and sees when the Giants play road games, including on Opening Day when a San Diego fan tossed a needle-less syringe in Bonds' direction, prompting the left fielder to say, "If that is what they want to do and embarrass themselves then that is on them. That has nothing to do with me at all. I have to go out there and play baseball."

But it's the opposite here in the Bay Area, where fans readily bow in the "we're not worthy fashion" at Bonds in left field.

"San Francisco is just a completely different animal," veteran San Francisco Chronicle beat writer Henry Schulman said. "Barry Bonds could commit anything short of homicide in San Francisco and the fans are going to stand up and cheer."

ESPN's Pedro Gomez covered the Oakland A's home and away nearly every day from 1992-97 for the San Jose Mercury News and Sacramento Bee and then became the national baseball writer and later a general columnist at the Arizona Republic before becoming an ESPN bureau reporter in 2003.