Don't be shy of Bonds 

May, 9, 2006
SAN FRANCISCO -- Should a pitcher worry about giving up Barry Bonds' 714th or 715th home runs and being remembered for that the rest of his life? Not at all. As Houston manager Phil Garner said before Monday's game, it's a complete non-issue.

Don't agree? Then, quick: Name the pitcher who gave up Hank Aaron's 755th home run in 1976? Who gave up Mark McGwire's 70th home run in 1998? Who gave up Barry Bonds' record 73rd home run in 2001?

(While you're mulling that over, here's today's Barry Bonds update. Bonds did not play in Monday night's makeup game against the Astros. After playing Sunday night in Philadelphia, the Giants flew back to San Francisco and didn't land until about 3:30 in the morning. "I don't want to lose him for two or three weeks or a month," Giants manager Felipe Alou said of giving Bonds the night off.)

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