Alou rolling the dice? 

May, 11, 2006
SAN FRANCISCO -- The San Francisco Giants insist they are pushing for a National League West Division title. Their actions, however, say otherwise -- at least right now. Trailing 8-1 in the seventh inning Wednesday night, Giants manager Felipe Alou pulled starters Omar Vizquel (39-year-old workhorse) and Randy Winn (sore right knee) from the game.

Still in left field, however, was soon-to-be 42-year-old Barry Bonds, hobbled right knee and all.

Bonds was due up in the eighth inning and Alou kept him in the game for the at-bat.

ESPN's Pedro Gomez covered the Oakland A's home and away nearly every day from 1992-97 for the San Jose Mercury News and Sacramento Bee and then became the national baseball writer and later a general columnist at the Arizona Republic before becoming an ESPN bureau reporter in 2003.