Long way to 755 

May, 21, 2006
OAKLAND, Calif. -- Well, at least "Bonds on Bonds" should be a little more interesting this week.

After a wait so long it's hard to believe it didn't involve government workers at the DMV, Barry Bonds finally matched Babe Ruth's career home run total Saturday with a second-inning line drive off Brad Halsey into the right-field bleachers. But what are we to make of this? After all, Ruth may still be a cultural icon half a century after his death, but his 714 total hasn't been the record since 1974, when moon rocks and pantsuits were all the rage and Barry's hat size was 4¾.

It's hard to get very excited because Bonds is still 41 home runs behind Hank Aaron's 755 and the real record, and unless he picks up his recent pace, he's never going to get there. So what happened Saturday isn't exactly history unless you're one of those stat freaks who cares about left-handed records.

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