College pitchers rule the draft 

June, 7, 2006
Some thoughts about the draft:

• There were issues raised all spring about the quality of college position players this year, and the fact that seven of the first 11 picks and 13 of the 30 first-rounders were college pitchers speak emphasizes that. Long Beach State SS Evan Longoria (Tampa Bay), Texas CF Drew Stubbs (Cincinnati), Clemson OF Tyler Colvin (Cubs) and Wake Forest 3B Matt Antonelli (SD) were the only college position players taken in the first 30 selections.

That said, for the whining about how bad the talent pool was, the pitching talent was very good, from Andrew Miller and Luke Hochevar at the top of the heap to Greg Reynolds, Brad Lincoln, Brandon Morrow, Tim Lincecum, Max Scherzer, Daniel Bard, et al.