Why the world won't be dominated 

July, 20, 2006
LAS VEGAS -- Awoke this morning to a couple hundred e-mails on my column in which I took coach Mike Krzyzewski to task for telling his Team USA players their goal is to dominate every quarter of every game they play.

A good 90 percent of the e-mailers were of the belief that I've lost my mind, and a good percentage -- even a few Tar Heels fans -- also took the time to point out that Coach K has won more NCAA championships than me.

And while that is true, I can at least retort that I've seen a whole lot more international basketball than Coach K has (I've covered every single game Team USA has played with NBA players since 1996), so I know that of which I speak. And I'll repeat the point I made Wednesday: This team's job is not to dominate every quarter of every game it plays. Its job is to win the World Championship in Japan.