Voided trade speaks volumes 

August, 21, 2006
The Cleveland Browns' almost-trade of Lee Suggs to the Jets for Derrick Strait is telling. Strait has been extremely ordinary since joining the NFL, and Suggs has flashed ability and production but continually has broken hearts in Cleveland with injury after injury. Of course, the deal didn't go through after Suggs failed the Jets' physical, but it's clear the Browns preferred to have Strait on their roster instead.

Why this is important is two-fold. First, the Browns obviously are content with the running back depth behind Reuben Droughns, who took too much of a pounding last season and certainly could use a breather from time to time. William Green has pretty much established himself as a first-round bust. He has some talent, but he doesn't see holes develop well and is unable to help out in the passing game. He is a third running back, at best.

So why deal Suggs? Because of fifth-round selection Jerome Harrison, whom Cleveland feels is as capable as Suggs and who can't help but be more reliable. Harrison has some big-play skill sets and could complement Droughns well.