Third WR not an afterthought 

August, 24, 2006
My Wednesday take on the Denver Broncos' receiving corp in the wake of the Ashley Lelie trade brought this reponse:

Wendell, Seattle: No my friend. [Darius] Watts will ride the bench, just like he did last year. The reason Lelie is expendable is because of the preseason and camp that TE [Tony] Scheffler is having. Denver finally has a top tight end since [Shannon] Sharpe retired. In the West Coast offense, the tight end is the third option, followed by the running back. The third wide receiver is the fifth option. Watts is the odd man out.

Wendell, thanks for explaining the West Coast offense to me. All opinions are surely welcomed, but just so you know, I have been around the West Coast offense since I was about 8 years old. I grew up as a 49er, so I understand the role of the tight end and the value of the tight end in the system.