Some NFL rules drive me nuts 

August, 28, 2006
There are a few NFL rules that do not make one bit of sense to me. For example, this offseason, the competition committee decided to limit replay reviews to just one minute under the hood. The reason instant replay was instituted in the first place was to ensure that a controversial play was called correctly. Now, a rule has been instituted to make sure plays are called quickly, not necessarily correctly.

Not only does this make little to no sense, but how is it going to be enforced? Will the league penalize officials who take too long? After watching many preseason games, it appears the referees think the rule is foolish, too, and are disregarding it. I would love to know how many preseason replay challenges have exceeded the allotted minute. There have been many. Why bother with the rule?

Another rule that makes me crazy is that every team must deactivate a portion of its roster for each regular-season game. You would think the NFL would want all of the players on the roster to be eligible to play on game day in order to provide the highest quality product. The quality of special teams surely would improve. Teams with a third running back or fifth receiver who can't do anything but run the football or catch passes must be deactivated because he can't play special teams.