Stallworth will help Philly 

August, 30, 2006
So I guess I have a question to answer: How does the acquisition of Donte' Stallworth change my previous opinion that the Eagles aren't a playoff team?

I'm answering this question because in the past 48 hours, 59 of You The Reader sent me e-mails asking it, some more kindly than others. Figures that the day I go out on a limb for the Saints having better offensive weapons than the Eagles, the two teams make a trade that afternoon.

You have to remember that I was critical of the Eagles skill players, not their offensive and defensive lines. Many Eagles fans - about, oh, 59 - forgot that. Yeah, the D-line is stacked, and their offensive line will benefit if Andy Reid calls a more even run-pass game this year. Philly's skill position players are the problem. Brian Westbrook is a threat when he's healthy, and loyal readers know that I don't have a lot of faith he can stay healthy (neither do many of the Eagles decision makers). And the Eagles' receivers have been a constant problem.