Quarterbacks, cars and e-mails 

August, 31, 2006
3-point stance

1. I don't understand the notion that Nate Longshore came into the Cal quarterback derby as Nate Longshot. Yes, Joe Ayoob started eight games last season, but Ayoob started them only after Longshore won the job and broke his leg in the opener. Jeff Tedford awarded the start at Tennessee on Saturday night to Longshore only after making sure he was healthy.

2. Colorado State had big plans for junior tailback Kyle Bell -- that is, until he tore the ACL in his right knee on one of the last plays of practice Tuesday. Last season, Bell didn't get a start until the third game of the season and still rushed for 1,288 yards. Time to revamp the play-calling: in comes sophomore Gartrell Johnson, a Miami kid who had 11 carries in 2005. Rams coach Sonny Lubick, 14 seasons removed from the Hurricanes, still has a pipeline to south Florida.

3. Not that it's time to get the season started or anything, but cars.com has just released its preseason ranking of the Best Cars for Tailgating. No. 1 is the 2006 Honda Ridgeline, but there's controversy that Ridgeline is favored for the Crystal Ice Chest even though its schedule wasn't nearly as tough as the Chrysler Pacifica's. Or something like that. And let's kick it off. Please.