Cutler has all the right stuff 

September, 6, 2006
Will the Jets regret passing on quarterback Matt Leinart in favor of tackle D'Brickashaw Ferguson with the fourth overall pick of April's draft? I keep reading or hearing it, but the guys I trust on quarterbacks -- Phil Simms, Ron Jaworski and Steve Young, among others -- all agree that if the Jets should have taken a quarterback with that pick it was Jay Cutler.

Why? Cutler is an any-scheme, any-climate quarterback. His velocity and his tight spirals would have cut through the Giants Stadium winds and held up well in those winter road games in New England and Buffalo, not to mention any January playoff appearances.

Leinart is a polished quarterback, but he doesn't have a comparable arm to Cutler and he landed in the ideal spot with the Arizona Cardinals. Very warm climate. A retractable dome at home. NFC West road games in San Francisco, St. Louis and Seattle. That, plus Leinart will be able to enjoy the best combo of receivers in football in Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin, not to mention another former first-rounder in the speedy Bryant Johnson and a 6-foot-7 rookie tight end in Leonard Pope.