Integrity of the coaches' vote 

September, 7, 2006
Got a great idea: Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel should resign in order to head up a recount of Ohio's 2004 presidential vote.

USA Today characterized Tressel's press-conference announcement that he voted Texas No. 1 as he "made a mistake." The paper released Tressel's vote in order to protect the "integrity" of the poll, which, to paraphrase Groucho Marx, is more than Tressel ever did.

The explanation is plausible. According to sports information director Steve Snapp, Tressel and his staff do the ranking as a committee. When they met Tuesday morning, they decided to keep the poll at the top as it had been. Ohio State director of player development Stan Jefferson, who calls in the vote to USA Today, took that to mean as the teams had been ranked in the first preseason poll, not as Tressel and his staff first ranked them.